Interchangeable roulette handle

Interchangeable roulette handle, olive wood

  • No burrs
  • One dot burr
  • One hatching burr
  • One dot burr, one hatching burr
  • 3 dot burrs
  • 3 hatching burrs
  • 3 dot burrs, 3 hatching burrs
  • 1.6mm (free)
  • 1.6mm and 2.3mm
  • 1.6mm and 3.2mm
  • 1.6mm, 2.3mm and 3.2mm
  • None
  • One
  • Two

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60,00 € (EUR)

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Universal rotary handle, with ball bearings and mini chuck 0-3.2mm. You can use it with for extured tip (dot roulette, hatching roulette) or cutter blade to make swivel cutter.

Thanks to the ball bearings, the roulette roll without slipping, even for very small roulette (tested for 1mm diameter roulette on polished plate). The roulette can be used very gently, and does not lock up if you put more pressure. (need a little more pressure for 1mm tip)

The chuck capacity 0-3.2mm allows you to use your own roulettes or cutter blades. You get the "dice" key to change the tip. You get the default collet 1.6mm is for all my small tips. Optionnal 2.3mm collet is for the cutter blade and all my big "6mm" tips. Optionnal 3.2mm collet if for the big etching tips, and perhaps for other tips you can find on the market.

The roulette sold, especially those in diamond or tungsten carbide, easily bite the plate without having to put a lot of pressure. The roulettes "diamond coated" are proposed in 3 forms and 6 different grains. Tungsten carbide hatching roulettes are available in 2 different shapes and 4 different tooth spacings. Big tip are only available in tugsten carbide.

You can order only the handle, et and choose your tip individually on this page. Or you can choose pack below.

You can buy the handle only, and the tips separatelly. Or in pack with one or more roulettes (carreful, 2mm diameter and not 3mm diameter sphere)

What you can do with the 6 roulettes set

You can also consider large roulette (you need optional 2.3mm collet)

Dots roulettes allow you to make medium grey to black surface. If you are looking for light grey tones, you can also considere "subtles tones tools" available here.

You can also use your roulette as swivel cutter with the optional blade.

How to change the tips :

  • Product Name:Interchangeable roulette handle
  • By Matthieu Coulanges
  • Price: 60,00 € (EUR)
  • Product Width: 0.00 cm
  • Product Height: 2.00 cm
  • Product Depth: 0.00 cm
  • Product Weight: 0.11 kg
  • Description: Interchangeable roulette handle, olive wood

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