Subtle tones tools

To work with lines or surfaces in shades of gray on intaglio plates (without ground), I offer two types of material: rubberized abrasive and abrasive leads.

- Rigid super abrasive leads are used directly on copper, zinc and plastic plates to produce delicate and precise shades of gray (lighter than those obtained with the roulette). They can also be used as scrapers. Available in 80 grit (very abrasive coarse grit, very efficient scraping, or medium dark gray shades) up to 1200 grit (fine grit, almost polished, or very very light shades of gray). Available for micro multi-tool handles (0.3mm to 0.7mm), 2mm multi-tool handles and 3mm multi-tools

- The flexible rubberized abrasive are also used to make delicate shadows and grays, directly on copper, zinc and plastic plates. The flexibility of the material softens the gradations. Unlike abrasive mines, is not a substitute for the scraper. Available for 2mm, 3mm and 6mm multi-tool handles. Less interesting in 2mm because the most abrasive grain is not available.

Multi tool handles are available in 4 sizes, they allow you to use

- micro handle: abrasive leads 0.3-0.5-0.7mm, micro etching needles, micro silver tip (drawing on prepared paper)

- handle 2mm: abrasive leads 2, rubberized abrasive 2mm, nano scraper (blade 0.7mmx5mm), mini cutter, silver tip (drawing on prepared paper)

- 3mm handle: abrasive leads 3, 3mm rubberized abrasiv,, metal brushes

- 6mm handle: 6mm rubberized abrasives, large HSS scrapers