Relief Roulettes

I offer 3 types of roulette handles for the relief print, usable on all supports (wood, plywood, lino, cardboard ...)

- "Needle line" roulette allow small round holes to be made with enough space between them. Non-interchangeable model.

- Interchangeable strengthened roulette are similar to the "intaglio" version but reinforced at the level of the bearings. You can continue to use your intaglio roulette if you have one, if it is for occasional use and / or on small formats. You can also use this wheel for the intaglio, the mechanism has just a little more inertia than the intaglio version. The tips offered here in 3 grits / 3 shapes are also usable in intaglio for very marked textures. For specific intaglio tips and handle, soft size, see here. The maxi size burrs are not suitable for this handle.

- The maxi wheels are of much larger dimensions (handle approximately 20cm, weight approximately 500gr), designed to work in savings size or intaglio on larger format plates. The size and weight of the handle gives a lot more strength. Prefer the "ball" tips for relief print and "flame" for intaglio. Great for maxi  size tips, also works for smaller wood burrs. Not suitable for specific intaglio "mini" burrs. Please note, for customers outside France, the weight of the tools means that the shipping costs are higher than for other tools.

Products by page

Products by page