Scalpels and other cutting tools for relief printmaking come in 2 main categories: fixed blades, and directed moving blades. I do not advise free rotating blades for relief printmaking. All blades are removable to be changed when worn out.

Conventional tools (fixed blades) 
- Scalpel blade holder. Allows the use of the majority of classic scalpel blades (in particular Swann Morton A.C.M. n°16). I also offer tungsten carbide blades that are much sharper and more durable, but more brittle. The tungsten carbide blades are available in versions for paper, cardboard, leather, wood, lino

Swivel scalpel (conduct rotating blade)

The handle is articulated in the middle to be able to have a movable but controlled blade. The pumice and the middle finger are used to control the position of the blade. The index is used to control the pressure on the blade (and therefore the depth of cut). This type of tool is traditionally used for working leather. Classic scalpel blades can be used (in particular Swann Morton A.C.M. n° 16). I also offer tungsten carbide blades, which are much sharper, for cutting thick paper, leather, as well as for saving in wood or lino.

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