The burnishers I make are all made of stone (agate or hematite/blood stone). Stone burnishers do not require the use of oil when burnishing, unlike metal burnishers. Agate and hematite are harder than the metals commonly used for burnishers, very resistant under the pressure of burnishing, however they are brittle to impact.

I currently offer 7 shapes for each stone (plus the maxi burnishers). In general, burnishers should be used with moderate pressure (start of burnishing) to very light (to complete the polishing). The smaller the contact area between the stone and the plate, the less pressure must be used. Too much pressure will mark the metal with the shape of the stone. With rounded or ball burnishers, the contact surface is always quite small, which is why I offer burnishers that are truncated, or with flat surfaces. The flat parts keep precision, increase the contact surface with the plate and help to burnish properly, without marks and waves.

Curved stones are available in classical "long" and double handles, but they are more pleasant to use with specific short handles ("precision curved burnishers"). The maxi burnishers are only offered in one shape and with one type of stone. They mainly provide confort of use compared to the precision version.