Drypoint (diamond / carbide / ceramic)

Drypoint,  ebony and bocotte (single piece)

  • Diamond drypoint
  • Ceramic drypoint
  • Incisive tungsten carbide drypoint (black work)
  • Tungsten carbide drypoint (average, diamond alternative)
  • Etching point (ultra thin and sliding, tungsten carbide)

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Professional tool for printmakers. For direct engraving on zinc, copper, steel, plexi ... The ergonomic handle is designed for working without tiring. Magnetic cap to protect the tip.
The tips are intended to last for several years (depending on tip type and use), replacement tips here. They are not interchangeable with each other.

Glossy shellac. Comes with black felt pouch.

How to choose your tool ?

Start by choosing a handle, and then choose the appropriate tools for your job. Agate burnishers are available with specific handle.

I offer three types of tools for these handles

- Etching needles -> select "Etching needle / Extra soft tungsten carbide drypoint" option. This tip gently glides on the ground, and you will get extremely fine lines. It will also allow you to work directly as drypoint, unvarnished, for sensitive grays.
- Drypoints, available in three different materials (see below)
- Ceramic scrapers. They are used as pencils, not horizontally like conventional scrapers. Ceramics also allows scrape copper easily and with a very good finish.

How to choose your drypoint

I offer 5 types of drypoint in three different materials

- Diamond drypoints can be considered as the reference point. The diamond can be used for both gray than black. They incise steel, copper or zinc without difficulty. The work is remarkable flexibility. The only drawback is the relative weakness of the junction between diamond and steel from the rest of the tip. They need to be hold fairly vertically.
- Tungsten carbide drypoint come in three different sharpening. The "incisive" version engrave copper deeper than diamond, and is very suitable for a specific work of black, with beautiful regular burrs. The softer version slides without resistance on the plate and allows to get sensitive gray. The intermediate carbide can be an alternative to the diamond tip if you do not want to risk breaking.
- The ceramic drypoint ? Even softer than the diamond but less incisive, it is unique to make very sweet burrs. It often becomes the favorite tip engravers, but leads to be accompanied by a more incisive tip for deep blacks.

You want more tools and you need to save money ?

Two options are available to you

- Double handles tools : a handle, a tool at each end (all combinations of tools are available). Double tools is a little heavier in hand, but that's a saving € 20 compared to the purchase of two simple tools. See here
- Technical line : a basic wood, finishing a tad less polished, but € 10 less per tools. See here

And durability ?

The materials that I use for my tips are the hardest in the industrial field. Nevertheless, all materials eventually wear out. But your handle is not lost: you can order a replacement tip at very affordable rates.

If problems occur

The tip does not match your usage? Any inconvenience? Do not hesitate to contact me.

More information on choosing your tool

Feel free to contact me by email or on social networks
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  • Description: Drypoint,  ebony and bocotte (single piece)
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