I offer ceramic "pen" scrapers, and classic triangular scrapers. The ceramic scraper is used vertically like a pen, it is very good for work on small surfaces.

Triangular scrapers are mainly available in 4 blade sizes:

  • nano: tungsten carbide blade 0.7mm square and 5mm long
  • precision: 2.7mm x 23mm HSS steel blade
  • medium: 3.3mm x 26mm HSS steel blade
  • large: 4.7mm x 32mm HSS steel blade
  • "Medium+", "maxi" and "maxi 2" will be not always in my scrapers range (see picture below)

Available in short handles (in my opinion more ergonomic) or classic long handle.

The "Nano" is to be used for details only. For precise work (corrections, mezzotint, etc.), choose the "precision" with magnetic protective cap or the "medium" which has more rigidity. The big scraper is useful if you need more power.

The "Nano" is tungsten carbide and the ceramic is ceramic. These are extremely hard materials, they can only be sharpened on a diamond stone. All the others are in high speed steel, a little less hard but easier to sharpen (water stone, india, arkansas). The large scraper is made from harder HSS steel than other HSS scrapers.




pen scraperCeramic pen scraper

scraperNano scraper

scraperPrecision scraper

Medium blade
scraperMedium blade scraper

Medium blade 2
scraperMedium blade scraper 2

Big blade
scraperBig blade scraper

scraperMaxi scraper

Maxi 2
scraperMaxi scraper 2