Universal handle for micro tools

Universal handle for micro tools, technical line (short serie)

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  • Set of 6 (2x 3 shapes)
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  • Samples grit 80 and 1200
  • Samples grit 80,180,400,1200
  • Samples grit 80,120,180,400,800,1200
  • Grit 80 and 1200
  • Grit 80,180,400,1200
  • Grits 80,120,180,400,800,1200
  • None
  • 4cm/1.6" (Ag .999 22 ga)
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Universal handle for micro tools for :

- flexible etching needle. Flexibility allows other feeling than rigid points, and are ideal for working textures, etc.You can adjust the flexibility by fixing the needle the shorter or longer in the mandrel. The acuteness of the mandrel also makes it possible to keep the tools very short and keep a good visibility of your work. Available in three different sharpening: ultra sharp, sharp and softer.

- super abrasive pencil leads for direct works on copper, zinc, plastics : use it to make precise and delicate tone, or use it as scraper. Available from grit 80 (extra coarse, hard scraper or to make medium grey engraving) to grit 1200 (super fine grit, before polishing or to make very soft tones). Leads are about 50mm lenght, samples are half size. The 0.5mm square section is a good compromise beetween precision and strenght. You can buy 0.3mm section or 0.7mm section separately

- silverpoint drawing technic : optional 22 ga .999. Designed for all material 22 ga (0.64mm, 0.025") or thinner. Due to special design of the thin chuck, you can hold the wire shortly and keep a good visibility of your work. If you want to work with precious material like gold or platinum, you can save money by buying very thin wire.

  • Product Name:Universal handle for micro tools
  • By Matthieu Coulanges
  • Price: 25,00 € (EUR)
  • Product Width: 0.00 cm
  • Product Height: 2.00 cm
  • Product Depth: 0.00 cm
  • Product Weight: 0.05 kg
  • Description: Universal handle for micro tools, technical line (short serie)

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