Bevelling tool

Bevelling tool, chamfuta (one off)

  • HSS (for copper, zinc and plexiglass plate)
  • HSS Tin (for steel plate & other plates)

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35,00 € (EUR)

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Premium line : The quality of technical range, the elegance of a jewel.

Tool to easily make the bevels of your plates. The special shape of the blade adapts naturally to the plate. Please watch the video below to see how to use the tool. Spare blades are available here.

Why choose this bevelling tool ?

Due to its special blade design, it is more adapted for making bevels than a scraper. The bevels are made quickly, they are clean and smooth. But this tool does not exempt you of a little polishing.

HSS or carbide blade ?

Choose the standard version (HSS) for all your plates of copper, zinc or plexiglass. Choose carbide version only for steel plates.

And durability ?

Replacement blade are available here. The HSS blades are about 2 €, carbide blades are (almost) indestructible.


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  • Product Name:Bevelling tool
  • By Matthieu Coulanges
  • Price: 35,00 € (EUR)
  • Product Width: 0.00 cm
  • Product Height: 2.00 cm
  • Product Depth: 0.00 cm
  • Product Weight: 0.06 kg
  • Description: Bevelling tool, chamfuta (one off)